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Katherina Swings

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Cold feet?

‘Got cold feet?’

Yes, he did.  I took his hand. We walked into the classroom together.

To start our first day at kindergarten. I had forgotten about it, to be honest. But the other day Patrik sent me a LinkedIn invite and he reminded me. He also mentioned that with this small act, I had done something important for him, noticing him and making the first move.

Noticing people

Noticing people is my natural mission in life.

I have been an HR professional for many years. One day I had to make Nicole redundant.

Nicole was a colleague of mine. I was nervous, very nervous. I had played out  plenty of scenarios in my head.

How would she react? What would she say?

I could never guess…

She told me: ‘I am happy it's you.’

I am happy i'is you. What?

Yes, she said: ‘I'm happy it's you who is making me redundant.’

Of all the scenarios I had anticipated. This was not  one of them. It has been one of the best and most unexpected compliments I have ever recieved. 

Valuing people in all circumstances is my mission in life.

In 2018, after a couple of years as a freelancer selling my time to different companies, I reflected on my mission in life. I reflected on the challenge I wanted to address to become purpose driven.

Noticing people. Valuing them in all circumstances. This brought me to an important conclusion: a lot of talent stays unnoticed, and a lot of vacancies stay unfilled. Therefore, my main mission has become to set up talent attraction as a treasure hunt instead of a headhunt.

That is an important mind shift: you are not looking to hunt heads, you are looking to find treasures of talent, hidden in the job market.

You want people to fit into boxes.

You communicate with people as though they are all the same.

You forget that a job offer is an offer to the market, just like a product or a service.

I help leaders with an international footprint to look differently at the job market until they find untapped potential and fill their vacancies.

Attract suitable candidates for your vacancies

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Generation Z

Sharing and inspiring, these are what motivate me. As of this year, I am a happy lecturer at the Karel De Grote Hogeschool, a college in Antwerp (Belgium) where I teach HR for Business Bachelor students on a part-time basis.

"You are accessible for our students. You create a good atmosphere. You succeed in motivating the students. You link your class to previously acquired knowledge."

(According to my Supervisor)