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Human Resources at SRAM

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Blog #149: 2023, a year with a heart ❤️ and a soul

I feel like I have been in hibernation for the last few weeks... Slowing down during the winter season... That's why I haven't published any blogs in the last few weeks. It did not even feel right to recycle an earlier blog.

Article: Let’s get rid of HR in 2023

HR stands for Human Resources. According to the dictionary on Meriam.webster.com “resource” is defined as ‘a natural source of wealth or revenue often used in plural’.

Blog #148: What do you need, next to talent, to be successful? - 3 differentiators

What does success look like for you? What has been your success(es) in 2022? What kind of success makes your heart ❤️ beat faster when thinking about 2023?

Blog #147: How to create predictable moments in times of uncertainty? One non-negotiable

    Last Sunday I have lit the third candle🕯🕯 🕯 of our advent wreath. A pre-Christian tradition to count down to the moment that the light returns around December 21st. The first Christians have been building...

    Blog #146: How to keep the magic alive in your company - 3 essentials

    When I was a little girl, I just loved the morning on the 6th of December as that was the day that Saint Nicholas passed by our home in the middle of the night. I loved putting my shoe ready...

    Blog #145: The end of the jackpot? - 5 reasons why you need to know about this new ownership model

    Most of the richest men on this planet hit the news regularly with a continuous growth of their wealth often based on the increasing value of the shares they have in their own company.

    Blog #144: A veil or not and what the principle of neutrality has to do with it or not...

    Yesterday, just before I wanted to start writing this blog I got the following message: "I have a question: the last few days the topic of whether or not to wear a veil in schools is very much in the spotlight again.

    Blog #143: The one sure thing that massively boosts your employer brand and is often forgotten...

    “I do not want to talk to you. Message it to me.” My teenage boy lets me know. It upsets me. Why doesn’t he want to talk to me? He has reached out to me because he is home alone.

    Blog #142: Preparing for 2023 - one elephant question - 7 ways to start solving it

    Only 52 calendar days to go until December 31st...Time to start planning for the new year... According to the National Bank of Belgium, we can expect 29 000 additional

    Blog #141: A common practice that kills the candidate experience - 1 simple & effective counter measure

    -"He ghosted me,"said the girl disappointed. - "Oh no, that is not done", uttered her friend with despise. A conversation I overheard in the train.

    Blog #140: How to kindle the fire of your company culture? - the importance of rituals

    This weekend I had the pleasure to sit around a campfire🔥. I love it. A dark forest and suddenly an open space with fire and people gathered around it. Some of the guests as well as the host had their homemade drums ready...

    Blog #139: Halloween, more than pumpkins🎃- 5 beliefs for success

    Today, exactly 4 years ago, I lost my dad. 18/10/18. Losing a dad is so much more than losing a dad. It is at least half of who you are... It was the most unexpected event. He was in good health, we believed.My mother had been suffering from cancer for almost...