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Human Resources at SRAM

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The Customer Journey vs the Candidate Journey

I had the pleasure to have Joeri Billast as my host in our conversation about the similarities between the customer journey and the candidate journey.

📍 Managing a sequence of touchpoints
📍 The importance of knowing your audience
📍 Caring also about the pre-boarding phase

🎧PODCAST in Dutch:

Over de stappen naar een inclusief HR beleid

Ik was te gast People Planet Profit Podcast van Eva Balemans, een podcast enkel en alleen over het duurzaam & inclusief beleid van mensen. Een live opname in de bib van de Gemeente Schoten.

🎧PODCAST in French:

Mouton à quatre pattes - Diversité & Inclusion

Le podcast de Gentis Recruitment s’adresse aux recruteurs, aux candidats à la recherche d’un emploi ainsi qu’à toutes les personnes évoluant dans le monde des ressources humaines ou encore aux managers qui rencontrent des difficultés à trouver leur « mouton à 5 pattes ».


By the stuttering Society

The Stuttering Society contacted me for an interview 👥. They want to give career advice to people with speech impediments. That is a group of people who needs consideration during the hiring process as well as when they are hired.

BLOG: How to accommodate INVISIBLE DISABILITIES  from the start?

Do you know someone who has an invisible condition that might need extra care?

People with an invisible condition, struggle more to find a job. Companies, in general, don’t open the door to talk about it. They should...

BLOG: How to accommodate WRITERS ánd CALLERS during the hiring process - 3 easy high impact measures

I do not like to call. I love to write. I do not like to disturb people. At least that is how it feels to me when I dial a number. Are you a caller or a writer?

All these people who are looking for a job are a caller or a writer.

BLOG: What you need to know about SEO when publishing your vacancies online - 5 tips

When you are looking to find the best hotel, it is very likely you stay on the first page of the search engine you use. If you want your next new hire to find your job opportunity on the first page of the search engine, you need to take care of SEO.

BLOG: A growing talent pool nobody knows of - 7 facts

-"We cannot find anybody anymore in the Czech Republic." "We have just acquired a business in Spain." -"Do you know that youth employment in Spain is dramatically high?" Knowing some facts and figures can help you to make the right decisions when planning your business. Ever heard of NEET?

BLOG: How to organise your pre-boarding, the start of the employee experience? - 3 examples + 4 C's

-‘He said YES’, she told me enthusiastically, ‘my final candidate said yes.’ -‘That is great news. When does he start?’-‘In three months from now.’-‘Oh, that is a long time. What is your plan to keep him on board?’

-‘Ehh, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll send him an e-mail…’